ServiceMaster Vs. The Local Grocery Store Rental

Your carpets are dirty, and you are at an impasse; do you run down to your local grocery store to rent their carpet cleaner for the day, or do you call the professional carpet cleaner ServiceMaster?

What is the better solution? Hopefully, this will help you out.


ServiceMaster has been perfecting carpet cleaning for over 50 years. Here are some of the perks to utilizing us for you carpet cleaning needs: 

  1. Equipment – Our truck mounted systems are set up to steam your carpets at roughly 180 degrees. We then suck the dirtiness right out of your carpet and out of your house right back to our truck; leaving your carpets 90% dry when complete.

  2. Spots – Some spots go deeper than the surface, and even for a high powered truck mounted suction these spots will sometimes come back. However, with our satisfaction guarantee we will come back and re-clean any pesky stubborn spots that return at no charge to you.

  3. Time – Depending on the size of a job, the average time to clean your carpets will take roughly 1½ hours start to finish.

  4. Cleaning technique – Our carpet cleaners have experience, training, tools and different pre-treating solutions to treat everything from everyday dirt to pet urine, and everything in-between.

Grocery Store Carpet Cleaner:

The local grocer cleaner will do an all right job, but it is no match for ServiceMaster’s Steam Carpet Cleaner. For Example: 

  1. Steam – The little carpet cleaning machines are not capable of producing the necessary steam breaking down most household spots and are essentially just wetting your carpet.

  2. Suction – A little carpet cleaner will suck up some of the residue and water on the surface, but it will leave your carpets extremely wet.

  3.  Time – Your time is valuable, right?  Think of the steps:

      1. Go down to the grocery store

      2. Sign a contract more intrusive than adopting a child

      3. Granted the release of the rental and load it into your vehicle

      4. Run home to maximize your rental time

      5. Move furniture

      6. Mix the solution, clean your carpets,  dump the dirty water

      7. Repeat step 6 (vi) until you get the results you are looking for

      8. Wrap everything back up and head back to the grocery store? How long do you think that will take? Couple hours? Half day? Whole day?

  4. Too much detergent – You might think you are helping the situation, but if you use too much carpet soap from the grocery store you will ultimately make your carpets dirtier because carpet shampoo from the grocery store attracts more dirt in the end.
  5. Maintenance – Since you are using a community cleaner, don’t expect it to be running like it just came out of the box and that everyone before you used it as recommended

In conclusion, if you want your carpets cleaned the right way please contact ServiceMaster, but if you want to settle for less, will you at least buy your groceries from ServiceMaster.

**Just kidding we do not sell grocery items, so why would you get your carpets cleaned from your local grocery store?

ServiceMaster of Stillwater/Hudson's Main focus is helping the surrounding areas.. We specialize in water damage, fire damage, smoke  damage, mold removal, trauma cleanup, vandalism cleanup, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and duct cleaning.


Fall Cleaning Checklist- Get Your Home or Facility Looking It’s Best Before the Holidays

ServiceMaster of Stillwater and Hudson provides professional carpet, upholstery, air duct, and window cleaning.


Everyone talks about spring cleaning, but Fall is prime time to tackle big cleaning projects and get ready for the holiday season. If you take care of the tasks on this list, you can be sure your home or office will be looking great for Fall and Winter festivities.

·         Carpet Cleaning

It’s important to get your carpets cleaned regularly. Professional carpet cleaning removes allergens and ground in dirt that regular vacuuming just can’t get. Carpet maintenance also protects your investment. Keeping your carpets in great condition is important to the value of your home.

·         Upholstery Cleaning

You might notice your furniture is looking a little dingy after a long hot summer. Give your upholstery new life before your holiday guests arrive. We even polish the frame to make your furniture shine.

·         Air Duct Cleaning

Getting your air ducts cleaned before winter increases the efficiency of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system and reduces energy costs. Air duct cleaning also prevents accumulated dust, dander, mold spores and other contaminants from being re-circulated throughout your home.

·         Window Washing

Your windows are one of the first things guests see and are a big part of their first impression. Over time, unattractive minerals and sediment build up on windows, not to mention the finger prints mud splatters, and bugs. We clean your external windows from the ground using a Tucker® Pole System. This unique method is safer, and frankly better, than the ladder and squeegee method some companies use. With our system your windows are completely streak free, and they stay cleaner for longer.


Contact ServiceMaster of Stillwater and Hudson today to get crackin on your fall cleaning. Call 651-430-0007 or email

Sump Pump Tips

ServiceMaster this time of year receives a high volume of sump pump related water damage calls.

Here are some tips Via the American Family Insurance website for preventing this type of loss.

Inside the home:

  • Install a battery back up for the sump pump
  • Check the sump pump yearly to make sure it is working by following these simple steps;
    • Remove the cover from the sump pump pit
    • Make sure the drain hose is connected properly
    • Slowly pour water into the pit
    • Fill the pit until the float rises high enough to activate the pump
    • If the pump does not work, call a professional to repair
  • Install a sewer backflow check valve if sewage has ever backed up through the floor drain

Outside the home:

  • Install window well covers
  • Have proper drainage away from the foundation of the home
  • Remove all trees growing next to the foundation – the roots can crack the foundation walls allowing water to enter
  • Install gutters and downspouts – keep them clean
  • Install downspout extensions if water from the downspout collects near the foundation


For coverage related information consult this previous blog:

How Often Should I Vacuum?

The answer?

It depends.

The recommendation given by the carpet and rug institute is one time per week per person and per pet.

For example: a household with 4 people and 2 dogs should be vacuuming their carpeting 6 times per week.

Is this realistic? Probably not. But this does give a baseline for routine carpet maintenance. And maintaining a healthy carpet, in regards to the removal of soil particles and pet dander, not only lends itself to the aesthetic value of your home, but it also will help to increase the indoor air quality of your home. Carpeting is the biggest indoor air-filter you have. Keeping it free of soil particles and pet dander helps you breathe easier. It will also help you protect your pricey investment and aid it in lasting beyond the average lifespan of 8-10 years.

The next best way to protect that investment and help ensure your indoor health? A periodic deep carpet cleaning.

The recommended schedule for this?

Every 12-18 months. Again, this is a baseline. Depending on indoor foot-traffic and depending upon the number of pets within the household, this may be required more often, in order to uphold the lifespan and the value of the carpeting.

For these tasks, trust your professional cleaning experts at ServiceMaster.



Want a Free bottle of SpotHero?

In-case you’re unaware of what this product provides— it is an easy-to-use effective carpet and upholstery spotter. And, ServiceMaster SpotHero also works on laundry.

Here’s how you get a free bottle of it…


ServiceMaster representatives will be on hand for this year’s Spring Home Improvement & Design Expo, Saturday 4/12/14. The event is being held at the Veterans Memorial Community Center @ 8055 Barbara Avenue, Inver Grove Heights MN, 55077. The show hours are 10am – 5pm. Our booth is # 323.


For more information on the event itself, click here:

Come & visit our tent, chat it up and learn more about our services and coverage areas, and (of course) receive something useful for free…1 free bottle of SpotHero.


Also, mention this posting or our Facebook post regarding this event and receive 25% off any of our residential services

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…our way of saying “thank you” for allowing us the opportunity to improve the appearance and the health of your home.


Kare11 & Water Damage

The snow melts, but the ground is still frozen. The melt turns your lawn soggy, but still it’s not absorbing enough to eliminate the runoff completely. So where does it go? Well, hopefully not the basement. By way of Kare 11 & Mike Soukup VP of ServiceMaster Restore, here are some valuable to tips to help prevent such this kind of water damage.

1. Keep gutters and downspouts free of debris and make sure they are discharging water far away from the house foundation.

2. Move snow as far from exterior walls as possible. Ground saturated with melting snow can cause basement and foundational leaks from hydrostatic pressure. Moving snow away will allow better drainage and lessen the likelihood of damage.

3. If you have a sump pump, make sure it is working properly and is keeping up with the amount of water coming from the melting snow.

4. Check for cracks or small holes in foundation where water can seep in. Even a few inches of water from melted snow can cause interior water damage to carpet, drywall, wood floors and even your home's structure

5. If you do experience a water damage emergency, time is of the essence. Don't wait to call for professional help. Damage from the water will only get worse if not dealt with immediately. And if insurance will cover your loss, many policies state that you have an obligation to do what you can to keep the damage from getting worse.


For additional tips please consult our other blog posts. Also, the corresponding Kare 11 link

Spring & Window Cleaning

It’s almost spring (thankfully), and almost time to let the sun back in to your home.


Having clean, responsive windows will help ensure every last fragment of sunlight is allowed in to your home, brightening each room to its fullest. Clean windows can help heat efficiency as well by ensuring the dirt, grim, and buildup accumulated during the down the months is not blocking any of the sun’s rays. Also, ridding the interior and exterior glass of any such buildup will help aid in the longevity of your investment, helping reduce the chance of etching, staining, or any other kind of permanent marking that may be induced by a prolonged exposure to the elements, or to any kind of pollution. And by enlisting ServiceMaster Hudson, a task that may have taken you days to complete, can be accomplished in a few hours.


Our technicians are trained to restore your interior and exterior windows to their best possible condition, and to exercise great care in protecting your home while performing the job.


In addition, we offer comprehensive exterior cleaning which also includes: power washing of siding, deck cleaning, and gutter cleaning.




For information on our service areas kindly visit our Contact Us page.


Springtime & Tile and Grout Cleaning


They don’t call it a mudroom for nothing. But really, after a long winter tracking can dull the hard surface of any room. Porous, unsealed grout can readily absorb dirt, salt, and whatever else may be tracked on the tile. This can happen even if the floors are mopped and cared for regularly. And, to think, it used to look so good.


Whether it’s the tile and grout in your kitchen, shower stall, bathroom, entry, or the aforementioned mudroom, ServiceMaster Hudson can help restore that same tile and grout to the cleanest and most pristine condition possible.


While cleaning tile and grout, ServiceMaster Hudson employs a high-pressure hot water extraction method. The attachments used are hooked up to a pressure line, as well as a high powered suction line, and much like carpet cleaning, the dirt and build up is rinse and vacuumed simultaneously, with the recovered water being drawn back to the van, in to a disposal tank. Before extraction, depending upon buildup and the frequency of cleaning, the technician will likely agitate the grout with a nylon grout brush, or the floor as well with a high powered rotary floor scrubber (in larger areas such as a kitchen).


Most will have this service done every 1 to 2 years, with some variance in either direction depending on usage. Kitchens, due to grease and food spills, as well as being one of the more heavily used areas in your home should be tended to more frequently.


And, as mentioned before, grout is rather porous. Sealing the grout after the cleaning will help prevent future damage to it. A good sealer can lasts up to 2 years, allowing added assurance for you in the upkeep of your home.


No matter what the tile is: ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, or others, ServiceMaster Hudson has the experience and the equipment to restore your flooring to the best possible condition, and the sealants to help keep it that way.




For information on our service areas kindly visit our Contact Us page.


Air Duct Cleaning: When do I do it?


It may be hard to believe, but spring is coming up quickly. As part of your spring cleaning, consider the dust and where a good amount of it may be coming from…your air ducts.


Having your air ducts cleaned by a professional air duct cleaning service with a quality system, like the negative air system ServiceMaster Hudson offers, will yield the best results in improving indoor air quality, and spring is the best time of year to invest in this, without fail. You’ve run your furnace for month and months, and your windows have been shut since sometime in September, or October. It’s just before allergy season, when clean indoor air is the exact relief needed from a high pollen count and other outdoor allergens that come with the seasonal warm-up. It’s just before summer when you’ll be running your air-conditioning, and clean vents will help reduce energy costs.


A regular schedule for air duct cleaning, once every two years, is the best route to go. Possibly more often with households with multiple children, or multiple pets.


It is in an investment in your home, as well as your health.




For information on our service areas kindly visit our Contact Us page.


Scotchgard works.


The horror. Could you imagine?


You’ve just spent your hard earned money on professional carpet cleaning. Your old nylon was looking fresh off the roll. And based on the recommendation of the carpet cleaning technician, you added a protective coating to it as well. And the very next day, you spill the toughest thing to remove from anything— coffee, with creamer, on this same carpet.


Hey, accidents happen.


Thankfully, ServiceMaster Hudson is sensitive to these situations. We know that even with added the insurance of a carpet protectant such as 3M scotchgard, time is of the essence with tannin dyes (coffee or tea), and if not properly remedied in a timely fashion, the outcome can be, well, permanent. That same day ServiceMaster Hudson was able to get out to a job finished just the prior afternoon.


The coffee, even the higher concentration of the spill, rinsed clean out of a white nylon Berber, even though it had dried. It did so, primarily because of one reason— the carpet protectant had kept the spilled coffee at the surface, rather than allowing it to sink in to the fibers. And, upon this rather unfortunate demonstration (again, carpet protectant is like insurance, you hope to never use it, but if you need to you’re sure glad you purchased it), something rather important happened. Namely, the customer who had purchased the product, based on the recommendation of the technician, was made to believe that the product purchased was one of high value.


The best way to know something does indeed work, is to see how it works for you.






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